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The Riddle

Key To Love

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Letting Go Of Gravity

Sliding - Instrumental

Even An Angel


Fine Time Of Life

Make It Raining

A Fine Time Of Life

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The first CD by Fender Cronin was assembled back in 1993-94, when reel to reel tape was the standard. Halfway through production we switched to ADATs, and as we finished the project it morphed into work with ProTools. The music is our first collection of folk-rock originals, done as an acoustic-based full band (with the occasional wailing electric lead guitar, drums and keyboards etc., we had fun!!!)

The second CD continues the full band sound. We’ve been incredibly fortunate in the high-quality musicianship of the players who contributed, and the production/ engineering wizards who did an amazing job of putting it all together.  

Letting Go Of Gravity